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Pussy888 Malaysia | The Mobile Slots Online

Pussy888 Malaysia | The Mobile Slots Online Game 2020-2021

livemobile66.com pussy888 malaysia

livemobile66.com pussy888 malaysia

Pussy888 Is one of those apocalyptic games you simply cannot miss these days! The game is established around your management of a vault shelter that houses survivors of a futuristic nuclear fallout. The mascot of the game is a cartoon character called Fallout Boy and you can see it’s branding almost everywhere in your game, down to the color scheme of the vaults which are in blue and yellow.

You manage your post-apocalyptic nuclear shelter(value) by gathering resources and upgrading the vault or expanding it similar to a mini-slot game that you will need to register login id before start playing. Host more and more people in your vault and watch them progress and grow during these hard Fallout times. Manage Resources – Grow Your People – Upgrade and Upgrade! For other info, read here. ( Credit to https://www.livemobile66.com/pussy888/ )

Which is the perfect game to choose from?

Pussy888 is one perfect slot game for those casual players who love to maintain a household similar to simulation games like the sims and what not. The games reward you with the amount of progress that you can accumulate for your vault and how fast you grow as the vault manager. Take pride in your creation and vault layout as you have all the commands you need to move everything anywhere. This is simply a 2D simulation of The Sims but in a post-apocalyptic flavor. When starting early, your progress will be slow as you have little to no people in the base and you will need to work your way upwards by gathering and building. The more people you have, the faster your vault grows and within these walls, all of your people will feel safe and at ease at all times. ( Credit to https://www.livemobile66.com/pussy888/ )

How To Manage & Upgrade Your Base

Simply select your options for modifying your base and you can have a look at what’s possible as your crew prepares to execute your orders at will. This makes for an interesting time expanding as you choose what or where to upgrade and improve on your base. Protect it at all costs from mutants or raiders and the unholy world above the surface is filled with radiation that mutates creatures and turns them violently against the player.

This can be an annoyance for some people but for those that love the post-apocalyptic nature of the game, they’ll love it all the time. Must you say this is, post-fun? Prepare yourself and your vault for the onslaught of radiation and harvesting that it needs to stay alive. As your resources dwindle you’ll be faced with a hard time providing for your people.

How to manage the game?

Manage your resources by taking inventory of how much you need to spend before spending it. Precious things such as water and food need to be kept accounted for so your vault will run indefinitely or it will starve if you do not have enough food for the people inside. Run into new situations every day as randomly generated sequences of events unfold inside your vault and uncover whatever mysteries or cases you need to solve within.

The vault itself is the safest place you can find in the Wasteland but it is not completely safe as creatures still exist within those unmaintained vault rooms that have been left for ages. Keep gathering and exploring is your best chance and when managing your base upgrades, do not try to rush into building your vault further without the appropriate amount of resources.

Summary Of Pussy888 On Mobile

Pussy888 IOS  is a fun game to play but it is a commitment to keep running – with a post-apocalyptic theme, it’s not for everyone but, for those people that indulge in this kind of lore, it would be the perfect game for every post-apocalyptic fan!

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