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Pussy888 Apk

Pussy888 Apk : The Game You See On Malaysia – Is It Good?

Pussy888 Apk

Pussy888 Apk

Pussy888 is the game that you have been seeing ads of recently if you are into any of that Steam Game stuff, you’d find that this game has been advertised to target gamers all over the world. Similar to one of those Crook Vs Boss game ads. But enough about advertising – Pussy888 ios, essentially, is a mech combat game that is similar to MechWarrior and Mech games of late during Microsoft’s Fasa Studio Days. These games punched big into the fantasy of Mech Combat games and have now been brought into its fifth Iteration, Mechwarrior 5.

The mobile version of these games can be known as Pussy888 and is similar in intent. There is, however, no cockpit view for your piloting and all of this is fought in third person point of view. Guessing that this is easier on the mobile hardware, we think that this is a stellar move to pack as much graphical performance they can muster into a game that runs on less than a swap of memory.

What the limit for this game?

Fight in dense jungle terrain or the desert and sometimes within city limits. Take on multiple robot mecha piloted by other players in a team deathmatch situation where teams descend upon one another to deliver the most amount of damage to both sides within a specified time limit. If you love hard-fought battles such as tank battles, then this is the game for you because the piloting to be very honest is not that great, but the mechanics and overall casual pace of the game make it satisfying to win or fight.

Disable your enemy’s mech by aiming at vital points or just lobbying them with a volley of rocket fire – barrage swarms of enemies with lock-on missiles at the range or go close and hammer mechs with heavy autocannons. This is how we pick battles in Pussy888 mobile and it is with the right type of combat weapons in the right situation. If you ever find yourself outgunned, you can depend on your teammates as most of the player base will do everything they can to win the game. Read another article here. ( Credit to https://www.livemobile66.com/pussy888/ )

Mastering The Art Of Hunting In Team Death Matches

One of the most proverbial instincts of anyone is to hunt. In this game, it promotes hunting by letting you have multiple choices of paths to find your enemy. This can be seen with the layout of maps having multiple channels for you to exploit. We suggest that you bring along a fast or above-average speed mech in Pussy888 because of the amount of distance you need to cover if you are trying to flank or hunt your enemies.

The game revolves around a system of independent strategies where you do not have to be part of an initial command and make your way around the game – but be sure to support your teammates, because if your hunt does not bring any kills in the late game, it can spell disaster for your teammates who chose to attack the front as they would likely be overwhelmed by concentrated fire coming from the enemy team. Being a hunter in Pussy888 requires you to do much flanking and if possible, drag another team member into the hunt by either following them along their flanking route or leading the way yourself. ( Credit to https://www.livemobile66.com/pussy888/ )

Start Playing Pussy888 APK now

You should always equip your mech in high damage weapons when playing the role of a flanker as you are required to deal as much damage as you can from a concealed or advantageous position(behind them). Then you can either run away so they would be distracted from the main battle or if they do not realize your position, you can continue firing until you take them out. Always make sure to know your team’s status in every battle by checking out the scoreboard. That is what it takes to be a hunter in Pussy888.

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