Mega888 Mobile Games Malaysia Android APK King 

Mega888 Mobile Games Malaysia Android APK King

Mega888 Online is one of the most amazing first-person shooter games that you can come across on a PC platform to date. The game itself was conceived around a futuristic Nazi takeover featuring conscripts of the Nazi regime that won the past and ruled the future. You as a veteran war commander lead your men against the evil that is Nazi, staring as BJ Blazkowicz, you are left to relentlessly hunt down every nazi enemy you see in hopes of winning the war in a guerilla styled rebellion against the Nazi Regime.

mega888 apk download

mega888 apk download

How to kicks off this game?

The game kicks off by introducing you to Jess and Soph which then shows how their parents, Anya and Blazkowicz had taught them how to survive on the rural plains of Texas Freeland. Tension is in the air as they prepare their daughters to be able to handle the brutal future that is ahead of them if the Nazi Regime is not stopped by the rebellion.

Play with the unique style that Mega888’s FPS nature grants you similar to the previous iterations of the game and either stealth through or blast your way through the games multiple storyline levels to fulfill the ultimate doom for the Nazi Army.

What different in this Mega888 APK?

Unlike the previous games, Mega888 is more about character development and storyline where you have less of a chance to flood the field with blood and guts like before. But this is a great tradeoff as you get to understand and learn more about the storyline than ever before. Visualize what it’s like to be part of the rebellion and combat your way out of Nazi Hell as BJ Blazkowicz sends enemies flying and dying by any means possible. Play the hero and win battles that will make NPCs sweat.

“The game captures what’s best about a Mega888 game and that is the feeling and total immersion of unloading your automated shotgun onto Nazi soldiers point-blank and eviscerating armored supersoldiers with a laser gun, or electrocution a whole bunch of Nazi men with a lightning stick that you just made up, what a thrill it is to be a Nazi Killer in the future. You make your super soldier and no one else knows how to destroy or cripple the enemy better than you do.”

What did other features offered in this game?

Mega888 is the one that features co-op gameplay where players can team together in battling different scenarios for them to proceed with the storyline as the Daughters of BJ Blazkowicz.

When you try to play the game at the highest difficulty, you need to beware tho – the game sets you up for a slurry of situations where you run out of ammo fast and run out of steam faster as enemies become harder to kill and your characters become bullet magnets at nearly double the damage you would take on the easiest mode, to read more  click here.

What the reward for this game?

However, this game is rewarding as much as it is punchy at any difficulty. It offers the best story-driven FPS gameplay that has ever come to light and in rich detail. Persuasive visualization makes this game almost photorealistic with Nvidia’s latest RTX Graphics and if you are a fan of classics such as Serious Sam and Doom.

Mega888 would gladly quench your thirst for blood hunting glory and a victorious campaign against the Neo-Nazi Future that exists in this game.

What other alternatives for this?

Although most of you would run and gun through the entire mega888 game, we would gladly recommend alternatives for when you can choose a peaceful way to settle things as there are different outcomes for your choices. We give this game a 10/10 for one of the best games that you could play to date.

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