Mega888 APK 2020 Review

Mega888 APK 2020 Review: Blast From The Past!

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mega888 buka id

Mega888 has come a long way since the early days of its launch; dragging people out and giving them a reason to play mobile games out in the sun is an especially fond memory of the game. Mega888 is a mobile-based “find em” game that promotes players walking on a map that relates to real-world travel and they can discover pokemon wherever they go.

Some slot gamer as we all know is super rare and some are just plain common. It’s up to the player to try to go around and find the best Pokemons for themselves. This ensures that they can capture any mega of their liking and if they want to train their own tips to level them up on the way.

What is the next patch?

Now in 2020, the game has entered its third-biggest patch in which players are greeted with a clean UI and a more reactive and responsive GPS navigation in-app tracking system for Mega888’s map. Players now will have their location shown on Mega888’s map accurate to within 5 meters of where they are. The latest patches also bring updates to how the game catches cheaters and bans them almost immediately.

This is surely one of the most important updates as before, people used to use bots to roam around for them virtually. This tricks the Mega888 application into thinking that the bot is an actual player going about winning slots. Since this is an active violation of Mega888’s policy and usage rights, cheaters will be banned permanently to leave proper players in peace wherever they go.

What To Expect Jumping Into Mega888


Right out of the gate, when you, yourself, have pieced together Mega888’s intuitive. Strip the game of all of its lore and surrounding stories -The game just does not have much gameplay preferences! The game is literally about walking for hours on end to catch virtual creatures to either satisfy your childhood cravings or to kill time while you’re exploring a new section of the city you are in. The game is not much of a kicker when it comes to action – For one thing, tho, if Pokemon hunters were doing things this way. No one would watch their show. Minus all the action of a  hack fighting it out in front of you – you get Mega888 login test id. A turn-based attack system flawed with the fact that a random player with an extremely trained creature can crush you within just a few minutes.

So what’s the point of all of this?

I’ll tell you what’s the point – SATISFACTION. The game indulges in people’s desire to “show off” or fulfill their childhood walk down memory lane and this gives the game great appeal to those who know what Mega888 is. Other than that, the audiences Mega888 apk manages to attract without them having prior knowledge of a Pokemon is utterly absurd. You would only have children and they are the best audiences for Mega888 nowadays because they love to explore.

Who is this game for?

This game encourages real casino exploration like no other and we want you to know that there is nothing else besides that. But, after all of this, the game is still a nice game to kill time with, especially when you have almost zero expectations. Go out and try it if you haven’t and if you’ve come back to check out if this review validates you to play it for a second time, then yes, yes it does. Other Article Reading, Click here.

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