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About BitCoin888 |Bitcoingame888

Bitcoin game is one of the best online crypto games you can play in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, and any other nearby Asian country. The crypto game is one of the best and easiest ways to gamble crypto online. The app has typical casino games hosted inside itself but the main difference is the fact that this game uses cryptocurrency instead of real money to play. This makes transactions safe and private at all times.

More on the best BitCoinGame 2021

BitCoin Game app can be installed on both Android and Apple iOS devices. The application is safe and easy to use by any mobile user interested in an online crypto casino experience.

Bitcoin Game is one of the best crypto games you can find online because it makes gaming simple. Compared to other crypto games such as Axie Infinity, Town Star, Guild Of Guardians, and more – Bitcoin Game can help you earn NFT and Cryptocurrencies easier with fewer risks of investment when you top up or reload your account with crypto credits.

Bitcoin Casino Game is also popular because it gives players a choice to play normal casino games for crypto instead of other complicated games online. Also, some games such as Axie infinity and Town Star require an initial investment of crypto before you can start playing – Bitcoin Game requires ZERO investment to start playing. Just simply top up your account with crypto and directly gamble over casino games that you love.

Bitcoin Game Online Maintenance and Downtime.

Like other games, the game will need to be maintained and taken offline for a few hours so maintenance can take place. The maintenance is for the game to be kept secure and updated to prevent hackers or cheaters from abusing the crypto game. The maintenance itself would only take a few hours and then you can start playing the Bitcoin Casino Again when the login screen lets you enter.

Get started playing Bitcoin Games with us now

Steps to get started;
1. Get in touch with our online agent to help you with creating an account and filling in the necessary details. You will need to deposit crypto to register and the crypto will be exchanged with in-game credits in your new account.
2. Download Bitcoin Game through our official download link and then install it onto your mobile device (Make sure to pick the right download type for Android or iOS Apple users)
3. Once you have installed the game, log in with your registered account username and password sent by the agent, you will be required to perform a first-time login password change to make sure the agent does not have your password. Then you can start playing!

How Safe is BitcoinGame888 APK iOS download?

Bitcoin Game is one of the safest online crypto casino games you can try in Asia. We use a double encryption security system to make sure your username, account, and details are always kept safe with us at all times. Even our agents would not know the password that you have changed during your first-time login.

Also, our method of using crypto instead of cash will help you keep your data private at all times because of the crypto e-Wallet system. Transfers are always untraceable and cannot be refunded or reverted. The crypto network will help you keep your currency 100% safe. This also means you should not share your password, wallet address, and details with anyone to prevent scammers or hackers from stealing your cryptocurrencies.

Why Cryptocurrency Casinos are better than normal casinos?

Crypto Casino like Bitcoin Game is better because of the form of transaction used in Malaysia. The credits would be stored with us and any withdraws and transfers will be made in cryptocurrency too. The government will not be able to trace any transaction in cryptocurrencies made and there is no withdraw or transfer limit if you have won a large amount in your games. Normal online casinos have a withdrawal limit of RM50,000 – crypto casinos can have any amount transferred online at once.

What games can you play in Bitcoin Casino Malaysia 2022?

There are many online casino games like other casinos out there such as Table games, slots, and arcade games. So you can find games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat in there too. Most of the online Crypto Casinos have all the simple casino games available for you to try. But if you are looking for specific games like Ocean King then you have to check if the casino that you are on supports the game that you want.

How To Play Bitcoin Casino Game Online?

You can play the game just like any other regular casino, after you log in, just select the game you want to play and carry on. If you can’t find the game you are looking for, make sure to browse the menu of all the games to look for it. Some games might not be available but you can find them in other bitcoin games too.

Normally the best and safest way to play Bitcoin Casino Game is to start with a small top-up and then work your bankroll/balance up to a bigger amount so you can start throwing bigger bets in your games. The bigger the bets – the bigger the number of wins you can get. But you also need to remember that you can lose any time if your luck doesn’t catch up to you. Make sure you know how to control yourself too because if you get carried away, you might still lose to greediness.

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