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Unlock The Secret 918Kiss Game (Cat Queen 2020)


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But First, you will need to download the 918kiss app first from any 918 agent such as livemobile66 will do.

Cat Queen is an Egyptian themed 918kiss bonus slot reel game that is in the form of a video slot and is well made to be one of the most popular and most advanced pharaohs themed slot games out there in the market. The game can be called a Cat Queen Slots of Malaysia and is one of the most famous rising stars that came from the import of the casino house, SCR888. This comes to no surprise as the casino houses all the latest new games that are available for those interested. The 918kiss ios app even started in Thailand and was quickly imported to Malaysia to the growing demand of Thailand and Taiwan Citizens playing the game over there on vacation. These games are one of the most highlighted games that you can come across in terms of uniformity, fairness and casually themed.

How To Win Cat Queen on 918Kiss Malaysia Online

The game has both android apk and ios version that deserves recognition for how predictable it is. Here’s how you can win against Cat Queen;

Get 918Kiss Register  login ID and bet on Cat Queen is to maintain a high bet and low account balance when you play the game. With a low balance, you can bet as much as you want and have a higher chance of winning the game. The game makes sure that you can win more when your account value is low and your bet is high. This is the same principle for most slot games and the tolerance increases depending on each slot game’s preference. Playing this way is a high-risk move because it puts your up for high risk of losing all of your money and getting very little back in a short period. Though, this also stacks you up so you can win easily and overcome the odds with a streak of wins. Whether to practice this method is up to you but we suggest only users with credits over 1000 do this. The credits they have maybe split into multiple 918Kiss2 accounts to trick the game into thinking you only have a low credit score.

Another way you can play to win is to play with 918Kiss hack trick, by predict each roll and see if there is a pattern to the reel spins. You adjust your bet accordingly when it comes to low expectations and high expectation spins. This ensures the highest possibility of not losing. When you keep adjusting according to a predicted outcome it is a 40% higher hit rate compared to just betting blindly in a game. This ensures that you are properly covered for all your risks when changing bets. This method also needs more man-hours and practice in predicting the reel spins. Once you have mastered those, you can go at it all you want but remember to stay focused all the time and avoid sticking your neck out on extremely high bets and you would also need to properly manage your bets accordingly.

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