Panther Moon Gaming 918Kiss Tips 2020

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Panther Moon is one of the best games that are always available on 918Kiss ios and Apk Malaysia version for download purposes. The legendary game comes from a long lineage of casino games that first entered the market through the famous platform, 918Kiss. Panther Moon is a game themed with wildlife and was drawn from the aspects of the legendary black panther native to the Amazon Rainforest. These panthers are black and symbolize mystical powers and luck to the natives of the Amazon Rainforest. Now in Malaysia, it has become a classic game that everyone adores and plays almost every day in their spare time. With hundreds of thousands of players online all the time, there is no way this game is going away anytime soon as it has already cemented its place in one of the topmost available casino games on the market. The soon to be online casino trend of games such as a rising star – SCR888 and top place 918Kiss has also promoted the game strongly in the casino industry.

Panther Moon 918Kiss2  has 15 lines and compromises of 3 reels. This game is considered as a video slot because of its animation of the bonus round that can be found in the game. The bonus round comprises 15 Free Games by default and also comes with a multiplier of 3X for the winnings earned in the round. You’ll want to hit this bonus round. This concept for a bonus round has been applied to other games too but it is remembered as being the strongest in this game. Some games do not give you a multiplier of 3X by default and a lot of players wish they had. This game is to be one of the top online casino games that you can find in Malaysia.

Here are some handy tips from 918Kiss for you to win this game; the Panther Moon slot game functions at certain patterns and here are some of the things you should take note of:
● Random Value
● Winning Streaks
● Losing Streaks

Panther Moon gives players a higher chance of winning when compared with other games in 918Kiss. when players are playing the game at a higher Random Value instead of a lower one. The random value means the jackpot stacked by all players playing the game. This means that you can win and have a higher chance of earning when playing at a high random value. Then the next two things to notice are similar and function together – Losing and Winning Streaks.

These two patterns show if a player is about to lose or about to win. We suggest players keep playing if they are on a winning streak and stop immediately when they just started to lose. This ensures that the player gets as much return as possible without stopping too early. Then when on a losing streak, a player should lower the bet amount until they feel like a win is around the corner and increase it by then. This gives the player a high survival rate when playing the slots.

The last thing to note when playing another Moon is the Bonus Round or free games. An extra tip from 918Kiss, which is the highest advantage when getting a free game round is achieved when playing at high stakes which means that the bets are high. When bets are high – free games mean more and can reward a player with more winnings compared to a low hit during a free game round. But all players need to be careful not to be too greedy, expecting free game rounds every time would be the worst-case scenario possible. So these are the tips for you to win Panther Moon at any given time, most of it will depend on luck but if you play your rolls right, then the combination of luck and skills will reward you well compared to those players who just hope on luck.

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