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918KISS/SCR888 Online Casino VS Real-life Casino

With the trend of live online casino surfacing recently, many people are starting to get obsessed with it. But, it is still a controversial topic among the gamblers whether to switch their games to an online casino or not. Here are some of the concerns that might influence your opinion on this topic.


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Every gambler will find this relatable. It takes an effort to restrict oneself from gambling addiction. This may be easier to do with traditional gambling. As you will only need to avoid going to places like casinos, bars, or any other physical locations where gambling can easily happen.

With online casinos, it takes even stronger willpower to resist the urge. As everyone can access the internet easily (at home, at work, or even on vacation). The ads you can see from many websites are baits, waiting for you to be their next victim.



Environment Matters

Being in an actual casino may give you the adrenaline rush, but this very feeling may push you further than the limit you give yourself. It’s always wise to limit yourself to a certain amount of money to gamble with. But being in a casino, seeing the winning face of the person beside you will naturally push you to go further.


On the other hand, you can be more focused while gambling in a live online casino… without all the other players beside you, distracting and influencing your emotions – that means better self-control and decision making.



With traditional gambling, you will have to spend money on transport and be physically in the casino. This will be the extra expenses that you’ll have to deduct from your winnings.


Live online casino is easily accessible nowadays, whether you are on your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. Which means you have more opportunities to get lucky, no matter where you are.


Casino Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Compared to physical casinos, the virtual casinos often give out a myriad of bonuses and credits. Seize these bonuses and free credits whenever you can, rather than just depositing your own money every single time. Use these bonuses and credits to increase your chance of profiting from your online gambling.


So, after reading all these comparisons, which team are you on?


Team Online Casino…. or Team Real-Life Casino?

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