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4 Best Ways to Enjoy Food and Games Together.

After sitting down and pondering new creative ways to augment my hedonistic repertoire, we decided that something needed to be done to study the effects of eating a variety of foods and while indulging in 918KISS/SCR888 online casino fun. Although it’s certainly not one of the brightest ideas to hatch from decadent minds, I am hoping that someone could find this information useful. Somehow.


All suggestions were made through careful scientific experiment and consideration. The test consists of a small group of volunteers who had all acknowledged and signed our safety disclaimer. I take my job very seriously and it wouldn’t look good on my resume if any reader took any of the fluff below seriously and suffered any unpleasant effects.

So through trial and error, a few spilt drinks and messy keypads I have put together this list of suggested game/food pairings. Mess factor of each type of food was factored against its tastiness, and the ease of procurement and tested with a variety of game types ranging from brain-dead, acute anxiety inducing and high preoccupation. Well, okay, let’s just cut to the chase and here are four TOTALLY awesome ways you can enjoy food and 918KISS/SCR888 online casino games together…

1. Monkey Thunderbolt + Ice Cream Float.


Monkey Thunderbolt is a game where players watch their chosen race-monkey compete with other simians race to the top of a digital pole (similar games include King Derby). The exciting nature of Monkey Thunderbolt caused a large majority of our volunteers to exhibit acute anxiety attacks (especially when real money was involved) resulting in a few accidental choking incidents.

Fortunately our on-hand emergency staff managed to save most of the casualties through expert use of the Heimlich maneuver. The results of the experiment, however, made it clear that the risks posed by this game/food pairing was unacceptably high and no amount of monkey cuddling could ever be enough.

On a more positive note, sipping on a sweet ice cream float helped calm nerves, satisfy cravings and improve immediate perceptions of happiness. Some individuals did not enjoy consuming ice cream in an air-conditioned room.

Note: Lighter beverages such as tea and coffee were considered, but lack the substance to be called a food. Undiluted ice cream was also weighed into the equation, but the added effort proved to detract too much attention from the game.

2. 918KISS/SCR888 Online Casino Slot Games + Chips

Slot games are probably the closest thing to could find to brain-dead in the 918KISS/SCR888 online casino, which is why I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for the player to get some real nutrition and exercise for the mandible, as health and well-being are top objectives of this experiment in the first place.

Tests showed that chips and slot games proved to be a match made in heaven. It was unilaterally agreed by all volunteers that chips were naturally best enjoyed with one free hand to get at the snack while the other was kept on the slot games “lever” button and pressing it whenever it was ready.

Some found the digitized slot games and their lack of actual level-pulling action to be somewhat dull as the lever-pulling was always half the fun of slots. Digitized slot games also lacked the rush of excitement when coins went “chink, chink, chink” whenever a jackpot was made. On the other hand, online casino slot games did eliminate the issue of players accidentally stuffing coin slots with chips, which needed to be cleaned out and restored to working order – at the expense of the perpetrator. We regard this as a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Note: Chips may be substituted with Twisties, Wotsits, Jack and Jill potato chips, or whatever is convenient to your locale.     

3. Fishing Star + Gummies (or other tasty tidbits that lasts in the mouth).

Fishing Star is an action-oriented game where players take control of a shootie turret and shoot fish and other things up for points. Similar to Ocean King 2, this type of game generally requires the full attention and twitch and shoot reflexes.

So while the game technically only requires one hand to play (the player changes the direction of the turret by touching the smartphone’s screen), the level of attention required left many players glued to the screen – and forgetting about whatever they were eating. Even through conscious effort it was extremely difficult to do both activities simultaneously.

Fortunately we found that melt-in-mouth candies and tidbits was something that simply be popped into the mouth and ‘forgotten’. Tidbits that lasted longer in the mouth were deemed best, as the frequency of having to pop in a new piece did not reduce the number of times the volunteers forgot to. Gummies, candies and other small bits were best.

4. Poker + Anything, Short of Full Meals.

918KISS/SCR888 online casino poker games (which come in different versions with minor differences) are slow, deliberate games that combine luck and skill. While poker games involve quite a bit of thinking and deliberation it is a relatively low-intensity activity. Digitized poker can also be played with just a finger – which means that it’s possible to eat almost anything while at it.

The only exceptions are full meals as both hands are typically occupied. This isn’t to say that it isn’t possible, and a few of the volunteers were willing to shift their attention from the game toward their spoon and fork to grab a mouthful and back again. Players who did this reported that they did enjoy their games a lot more.

However, while the players doing this were generally ecstatic about the set-up, other players in those particular matches did not appreciate the extra delay between turns, which was worse the more players were in that game. They also complained that the amazing wafts coming from the food was very distracting, disrupting their ability to play their best and thus was deemed a very unfair advantage.

Similar games include Blackjack, The Bull and Roulette.

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